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Residential Plumbing Services from
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Expert & Professional Residential Plumbers

At South Clackamas Plumbing, our work ranges from the installation of kitchen and bathroom appliances to the repair and installation of pipes and water heaters. We can do residential plumbing work for remodels, replacements, or new construction.

Building strong relationships and creating trust is incredibly important to us and we’ll never let you down with faucet replacement, water heater installation, or anything else. We value our customers and put them first in everything we do. That’s why our licensed team supplies dependable, lasting plumbing work at reasonable rates so our clients always get the best service possible. To learn more about our Molalla residential plumbing services, call 503-462-3082.

Bathroom and Kitchen Installation Services

South Clackamas Plumbing offers toilet installation, sink and faucet installation, and shower and tub installation. Whether you’re doing a complete bathroom or kitchen refresh, need to replace a broken appliance, or simply want something new, South Clackamas Plumbing can help with our efficient, low-cost residential plumbing installations. For more info about our Oregon City residential plumbing services call 503-462-3082.

Shower & Tub
Shower and Bathtub Installation
Sink & Faucet
Sink and Faucet Installation
Toilet Installation


Pipe Repair and Replacement

The need for pipe repairs and/or repiping can be affected by everything from your piping’s age and material to the type of cleaners you work with. But no matter why they have broken down, degraded pipes are a major problem.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common issues with old pipes is leaks, which not only cause fear and frustration but may lead to costly property damage and/or end up leading to major bursts down the line. We can swiftly repair problems so you can get back to using your plumbing with confidence.

plumbing repiping
South Clackamas Plumbing Molalla

In some cases a simple repair is not enough. In those instances, South Clackamas Plumbing is able to conduct repiping services to give your plumbing system a fresh start.

Aged pipes are known for having a tremendous possible impact on the quality of your water as they rust and corrode – you may notice issues with the smell, taste, and even the color of your water! Old pipes can be responsible for lowering your water pressure too.

Studies have shown that aging pipes in general can cause health problems for you and your family due to drug-resistant bacteria such as legionella, pseudomonas, and mycobacteria, which can lead to illnesses including pneumonia, tuberculosis, and more.

Additionally, as our knowledge of effective plumbing has changed, so too have the materials we use for pipes. Copper pipes were a favorite many years ago but due to their poor aging, replacement is often necessary today. Similarly, galvanized plumbing of the past may mean you’re dealing with lead in your pipes now.

Lead can have serious health effects for you and your family including fatigue, headaches, stomach pain, nausea, constipation, reproductive problems, and more.

Many people may not realize this, but repiping can also increase your home’s property value. Although pipes are clearly not as visible as when you outfit your house with new appliances, roofing, flooring, or countertops, they are a serious plus for any potential buyer if/when it comes time for you to sell your home.

If you need top quality Woodburn residential plumbing services at affordable prices, call South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082 today.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water heater faults can mean you’re stuck in hot water (or more appropriately, cold water). South Clackamas Plumbing is available for Estacada residential plumbing repair work so you can relax and enjoy your home again.

We can also install a new water heater if necessary. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all system, we understand that a proper water heater install involves determining the right size, type, and potentially even placement for your appliance. We can offer thoughtful advice based on our years of experience and the wide variety of factors that may influence your decision including budget, space, and more.

There are five main types of water heaters which each have unique benefits and potential cons:

Regular water heaters are affordable and fast to install but hold a limited amount of hot water.

Tankless water heaters are considered more of an investment yet their advantages are weighty, including an unlimited supply of hot water and excellent energy efficiency.

A gas water heater, also known as a condensing water heater, is powered by natural gas and typically only comes in larger models with a lot of hot water to offer.

Though it operates differently than the tankless model, hybrid water heaters are also expensive but cost-effective and highly energy efficient. Hybrid water heaters don’t work well in particularly cold spaces such as basements.

Despite being environmentally friendly and energy efficient, solar water heaters are unfortunately generally prohibitively expensive for many homeowners.

home water heater installation

Did you know that some form of anchoring around water heaters is required by the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code due to past problems with earthquakes? While water heater earthquake straps are required in certain seismic categories anyway, we recommend and install them for safety and the prevention of damage in the case of such an event. Plumber’s tape or earthquake straps will be used to protect your new heater.

Similarly to new piping, a new water heater also adds financial value to your house. For more information on our water heater services and the difference they can make, check out our full page here or to learn more about Silverton residential plumbing give us a call at 503-462-3082 today.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Scope Inspections

If you've got a slow, clogged, backed up or stopped drain, don't risk damaging your plumbing pipes or sewer lines with harsh and corrosive store bought drain cleaners... call the professional and affordable drain clearing specialists at South Clackamas Plumbing.

We can get your kitchen and bathroom sinks, drains, showers and tub back to top working condition with our residential drain cleaning services. If there's any reason to suspect that the issue might be more than just a clog or obstruction in the line, we can conduct a thorough sewer scope inspection of your home's plumbing piping and sewer lines.



South Clackamas Plumbing provides the highest quality, affordable residential plumbing services to customers throughout Molalla, Oregon City, Woodburn, Canby, Silverton and Estacada Oregon.

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