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If you’ve Googled Canby plumbers near me or plumbers near me and you’re looking for the best residential plumbers, you’ve come to the right place. South Clackamas Plumbing is the top provider of residential Canby plumbing because we listen to our customers, work diligently during all jobs, stay timely and efficient, and offer reasonable prices that won’t hurt your wallet.

For plumbing in Canby Oregon, contact the South Clackamas Plumbing team at 503-462-3082 now!

Kitchen and Bathroom Installations Canby:

Shower and Bathtub Installation
Canby Shower & Tub
Toilet Installation
Canby Toilet
Sink and Faucet Installation
Canby Faucet

Many homeowners need Canby plumbers to take care of kitchen and bathroom installation services to replace broken appliances, install new features during home remodels, or simply because it’s time for a change. When you want to call in professionals, you can count on South Clackamas Plumbers for the best assistance around! We offer affordable, reliable service for installations of showers, baths, sinks, and more.

If you need Canby bathroom plumbing installations or Canby kitchen plumbing installations, please just get in touch with us by phone at 503-462-3082!


Canby, Oregon
Pipe Repair and Replacement

Dealing with minor pipe leaks may seem like something you want to leave for another day, but small home plumbing repair jobs can quickly turn into major problems fast. Trust South Clackamas Plumbing to handle pipe repair with ease using our tremendous knowledge and experience.

But remember, pipe replacement isn’t just an option for broken pipes. Aging pipes can also be a surprising issue, potentially altering your water’s taste, smell, and color. In certain cases, health risks are possible due to lead in old galvanized piping. Our team can take care of bad pipes and replace them with new ones that will last for years.

For pipe repair and replacement Canby, contact South Clackamas Plumbing through 503-462-3082.

plumbing repiping
South Clackamas Plumbing Molalla

Drain Cleaning & Clearing
Canby, Oregon


When is the ideal time for a slow, clogged or stopped drain? - NEVER!

When can you rely on us for 24/7 for emergency drain clearing and cleaning in Canby? - ALWAYS!

Emergency Drain Clearing
Residential Drain Cleaning
Sink Drain Cleaning

If the sinks, showers or tubs in your home have a slow drain, clogged drain or stopped drain, then you can turn to South Clackamas Plumbing for residential Canby drain cleaning plumbers 24 hours a day. We can use a drain snake or other tool to quickly and conveniently take care of your plumbing system.

Sewer Inspection & Sewer Scope
Canby, Oregon

A blocked or slow drain could be caused by a clog that can be easily cleared, but in some cases drain problems can indicate a more serious issue. That's why South Clackamas Plumbing offers sewer scopes and sewer inspections in Canby, Oregon. Our camera inspections can reveal potentially serious problems like broken, cracked and compromised sewer lines. We can also detect if the plumbing piping in your home that leads to the sewer is damaged and in need or repair or replacement.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Canby, Oregon:

Whenever you need hot water, your water heater comes through – until it doesn’t. If you need a water heater repair work from a top supplier of plumbing Canby, simply call 503-462-3082 for help from South Clackamas Plumbing. For new installations or replacements, we are pleased to offer clients a range of water heater options which have varying costs and capabilities.

The top choices for water heaters in Canby are:

Conventional Water Heater


Conventional water heaters are a popular choice due to their low costs and straightforward installations, though they do require annual maintenance.

Tankless Water Heater


Though tankless heaters cost more initially, their water-filled heated coils system are energy efficient and become very cost-effective over time.

Condensing Water Heater


Condensing or gas water heaters run on your home’s leftover natural gas and are therefore best for those who already rely on a natural gas power supply.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heaters –

Hybrid water heaters use approximately 60% less energy than conventional water heaters, meaning you really get your money’s worth from this cost-efficient model.


Powered by solar energy, these water heaters are extremely environmentally friendly and energy-efficient as well.

Choose South Clackamas Plumbing
As Your Canby Oregon Plumbers

For water heater installation and repair, pipe repair and replacement, and kitchen and bathroom installation in Canby, Oregon, you can rely on the plumber professionals at South Clackamas Plumbing for friendly service and quality craftsmanship. In all our work, we care about giving customers service they can rely on time and time again.

To learn more about how we can help you and your family, simply dial 503-462-3082 to speak to a South Clackamas Plumbing representative today. We’re always happy to help!

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