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When you’re Googling “best local plumbers near me” or “plumbers near me“, finding a trustworthy residential plumber in Canby, Oregon with a full range of reasonably priced residential plumbing services and a friendly, licensed plumbing team may seem almost impossible, but South Clackamas Plumbing fits that bill… and more! Families trust us to handle Canby shower installation, Canby pipe replacement, Canby water heater repair, Canby toilet installation, and many other important home plumbing services such as drain clearing with a drain snake. For both replacement and repair work, we are always timely and efficient. When the toilet breaks, the pipe leaks, or the water heater bursts and you need good help fast, a plumber with South Clackamas Plumbing will deal with your issue as quickly as possible.

For reliable Canby plumbing installation and repair services, contact South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082 now.

Canby Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Services:

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, have to replace a broken appliance, or you simply want to update a few features, the licensed, professionals at South Clackamas Plumbing offer Canby, Oregon residential kitchen and bathroom plumbing installation services you can count on. We offer shower installation, bathtub installation, sink installation, faucet installation garbage, disposal installation and toilet installation.

By using professionals for Canby bathroom and kitchen installations, you know the job is done right, without the DIY-project potential for future leaks, breakdowns, or other issues. For affordable residential plumbing rates, dependable service, and a helpful team get in touch with South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082.

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Toilet Installation


Pipe Repair and Replacement in Canby, Oregon

Plumbing pipe issues can result from a variety of factors including age, material, and even the cleaners you use. When a problem arises, be it a minor leak or a full-on burst, South Clackamas Plumbing can handle it with skill, applying experience, training, general knowledge, and the right equipment to take on each challenge. For example, leaks may seem like a common, insignificant nuisance to many homeowners, but a professional can tell you that’s not the case.

plumbing repiping

Without proper home plumbing repair, one small leak may quickly turn into a major problem with costly water waste and possibly immense property damage as well. South Clackamas Plumbing will conduct effective repairs to ensure this does not happen.

South Clackamas Plumbing Molalla

Sometimes basic repairs are not enough, and extensive plumbing repiping is required. This is particularly true for old pipes, which can affect the quality of your water as they break down and rust – if you’ve noticed something off about the smell, color, or taste of your water, aging pipes may be the reason. They may also be causing low water pressure. Additionally, aging pipes are known to be capable of causing health problems, spreading drug-resistant bacteria like pseudomonas, legionella, and mycobacteria, which can lead to illnesses such as tuberculosis and pneumonia.

If you have galvanized pipes, a past favorite material, you may even be dealing with lead in your water. The health impact of lead includes headaches, stomach pain, nausea, constipation, fatigue, reproductive problems, and more. By replacing your pipes, you not only put a stop to these problems but also add value to your home.

Everyone should be able to use their plumbing without fear over pipe issues, and South Clackamas Plumbing will give you confidence in your plumbing system once again. Dial 503-462-3082 for expert Canby residential plumbing piping installation and replacement services today.

Canby Water Heater Installation and Repair:

You probably don’t often think about the importance of your water heater, but when it goes wrong, you’ll notice pretty quickly. South Clackamas Plumbing can get your water heater back in working order or replace it instead if necessary.

If it’s time for water heater replacement, remember that there are a number of options for water heaters with varying costs, energy-efficiency capabilities, maintenance needs, environmental benefits, and sizes. If you aren’t sure which water heater suits your needs best, our team can provide expert advice based on our years of professional experience doing Canby water heater repairs and installations.

Here are the top five choices to consider:


Conventional storage tank water heaters are the tried and true standard for water heaters, with reasonably low costs and less difficult installations. That said, they do hold less water than other options and require maintenance at least once a year to keep up a longer life expectancy.

For conventional water heater installation in Canby, call the licensed pros at South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082.

Conventional Water Heater


Tankless water heaters are sometimes called on-demand water heaters since they operate without a tank and rely on water-filled heated coils to produce hot water quickly. Because of this some might think getting enough hot water for a large family may be difficult, but as long as you choose the right size, you will have no issues getting the hot water you want. Cost-wise tankless heaters require more investment up-front, though offer great energy efficiency. 

For professional tankless water heater installation in Canby, Oregon call South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082 today!

Tankless Water Heater


Also known as a heat pump water heater, hybrid water heaters are more expensive than standard models yet also considerably more cost-efficient, using an impressive 60% less energy. This style does not work as well in very cold spaces such as basements and can require up to seven feet of vertical space. However, if these more unique specifications work for you, you should enjoy a significant cut on your bills over time.

For more information about Canby, Oregon hybrid water heater installation, call our team at 503-462-3082.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater


Gas or condensing water heaters use the leftover natural gas fumes from your home to heat water and supply it to you. This choice is best for families who largely power their homes with natural gas as this will guarantee greater energy efficiency. Homeowners buying a condensing water heater should also generally need a large supply of hot water since they will be getting a tank with more than 55 gallons.

Call South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082 if you’re looking for professional condensing/gas water heater installation in Canby, Oregon.


Condensing Water Heater


Solar water heaters are powered by solar energy, a free, very environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternative for homeowners looking to go green. It’s important to note that installing a solar water heater will involve installing solar panels as well if you don’t have them already. Unfortunately, because of this solar water heaters are prohibitively expensive for many homeowners, though state or federal rebates may be available to help offset the cost.

We’d love to talk to you about solar water heater installation for your Canby home, so call us at 503-462-3082.

Why South Clackamas Plumbing?

South Clackamas Plumbing has the training to conduct water heater installation Canby for all of the above styles of heaters. It doesn’t matter if you choose a classic conventional model or a more challenging hybrid heater, we can install it with ease along with the necessary earthquake anchoring as required by the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code. These earthquake straps provide valuable extra protection in a seismic event, helping to prevent serious property damage. In everything we do, we make your interests our priority.

For further information on our water heater repair and installation services, click here to view our main water heater page or give us a call at 503-462-3082. We’re happy to help!

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