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If you Googled “best local plumbers near me” or “plumbers near me” and landed here, then you’re in the right place! South Clackamas Plumbing is the premier residential plumber in Molalla, Oregon, offering a complete line up of affordable residential plumbing services. Our licensed plumbing team brings top quality customer service and maximum value to each residential plumbing job we take on. Our customers rely on us for Molalla shower installation, Molalla pipe replacement, Molalla water heater repair, Molalla toilet installation, and plenty of other home plumbing services such as drain clearing with a drain snake. 

Whether it’s replacement work or repair work you need, you can trust South Clackamas Plumbing to provide you with the highest quality residential plumbing services in MolallaTo learn more about our Molalla plumbing installation and repair services, call South Clackamas Plumbing today at 503-462-3082.

Molalla Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Services:

Our residential plumbing services for kitchens and bathrooms can meet all the needs of your project. We can do a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, repair or replace a broken plumbing, or update a few features in your kitchen and bathroom. South Clackamas Plumbing’s licensed professionals provide Molalla, Oregon residential kitchen and bathroom plumbing installation services you can count on. Contact us for shower installation, bathtub installation, sink installation, faucet installation, garbage disposal installation and toilet installation.

When you turn to a plumber from South Clackamas Plumbing for your Molalla bathroom and kitchen installations, you can rest assured that the job will be done 100% right! For our top-rated, affordable residential plumbing services reach out to South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082. Give us the details of your home plumbing needs and we’ll get you a competitive estimate for your project.

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Pipe Repair and Replacement in Molalla, Oregon

A variety of factors can create troublesome plumbing pipe issues age, materials used, and even the cleaning products you use can affect residential plumbing pipes. Whether it’s a full-on burst pipe, or just a minor, South Clackamas Plumbing is Molalla’s number one choice for home plumbing issues. Our licensed plumbers have the skills, experience, training, knowledge, and proper equipment to get your plumbing back to peak performance.

plumbing repiping

A leak might just seem like a minor nuisance to most homeowners, but South Clackamas Plumbing can determine if it’s a small problem or a major one. What you see might only be a fraction of the problem with the piping within the structure of your home. Our expert team will determine the scope of the problem and provide the home plumbing repair work needed, all at an affordable rate!

South Clackamas Plumbing Molalla

Where basic repairs aren’t enough and extensive plumbing repiping is required, the South Clackamas Plumbing team is here for you. With older pipes, you may notice a subtle, or sometimes not-so-subtle, affect on the quality of your water as they break down and rust. Warning signs include discolored water, water that smells and/or tastes bad, a sudden and sustained reduction in water pressure or strange noises in the pipes as the water moves. Aging and compromised pipes that need replacing can also create health issues like spreading bacteria, legionella, and mycobacteria, which can lead to illnesses in the home.

Galvanized pipes were once a favorite material in the past, but today they could be contributing to lead in your water, and lead in your water is a serious issue. It can lead to symptoms like fatigue, nausea, constipation, headaches, stomach pain and more. Residential plumbing repiping in your Molalla home from South Clackamas Plumbing can not only mitigate these health issues, it can also increase the value of your home!

Call South Clackamas Plumbing today at 503-462-3082 for more information about Molalla residential plumbing piping installation and replacement services.

Molalla Water Heater Installation and Repair:

If your hot water heater goes out you’ll definitely want to call South Clackamas Plumbing! Whether you need water heater repairs or a replacement water heater, we’ll get the hot water flowing in your house again so you can say goodbye to cold showers.

When you need water heater installation, there are a plenty of options for modern water heaters with varying energy-efficiency capabilities, environmental benefits, maintenance needs, price points and sizes. With our professional experience with Molalla water heater repairs and installations we’ll offer expert advice to help you make the right choice for your home.

Check out these modern and energy efficient water heater options:

Conventional Water Heater


Traditional conventional storage tank water heaters are what most of us picture when we think of a water heater, they’ve been the tried and true standard for water heaters for decades. They’re relatively affordable and easy to install. Convention water heaters come in a range of capacities so we can help you determine which size will best fit the needs of your home and family. These types of water heaters may require some annual maintenance to ensure a longer life expectancy, but they’re a great option for most any home.

Find out more about our conventional water heater installation services in Molalla by calling South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082.

Tankless Water Heater


Sometimes referred to as “on-demand water heaters” as they operate without a tank and rely on water-filled heated coils to produce hot water quickly, tankless water heaters are an outstanding option for homeowners who want an energy efficient water heater. We’ll help you choose the right size for your home so you’ll have no issue getting the amount of hot water you want. Tankless water heaters may require a little more investment up-front, but their superior energy efficiency more than balances out the cost in the long run.

Talk to South Clackamas Plumbing about tankless water heater installation in Molalla, Oregon today by calling 503-462-3082.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater


Hybrid water heaters, also known as a heat pump water heater, use an impressive 60% less energy than conventional water heaters. They may cost more up front to purchase and install, but with that level of energy efficiency, it will more than balance out over the years. Hybrid water heater have some unique specifications for installation, so excessively cold spaces like basements aren’t ideal. They can also require up to seven feet of vertical space. If you’ve got the right type and amount of space and energy efficiency is a big factor in your decision-making process, consider a hybrid water heater.

Reach out to South Clackamas Plumbing about Molalla, Oregon hybrid water heater installation, by calling 503-462-3082.

Condensing Water Heater


As the name implies, gas or condensing water heaters use natural gas to heat and supply water to your home. From and energy efficiency standpoint, a gas water heater is a great choice to keep costs under control. They’re also a great choice for larger homes as some options include a tank capacity of more than 55 gallons.

If you have natural gas in your home and are interested in learning more about the features and benefits of a condensing water heater, call the pros at South Clackamas Plumbing at 503-462-3082 for professional condensing/gas water heater installation in Molalla, Oregon.


Solar energy is fast becoming a more common and energy efficient option for a variety of residential energy and power needs. If you’re looking to go green and have the most energy efficient water heater available, a solar water heater could be the perfect solution for your home. Along with the water heating unit itself, solar water heaters require the installation of solar panels. While this can be much more costly than a convention water heater installation, there may be local, state and federal incentives available to help offset the cost of installing a solar water heater in your home.

For all there is to know about solar water heater installation for your Molalla home, call 503-462-3082 and speak to the South Clackamas Plumbing team today!

Why choose South Clackamas Plumbing?

South Clackamas Plumbing has the training, experience and expertise to handle any Molalla residential plumbing needs. Whether you need minor plumbing repairs, removal and installation of a new sink, faucet, bathtub, shower, toilet or water heater, or you’re looking for a dramatic kitchen remodel and/or bathroom remodel, South Clackamas Plumbing is your trusted, top-rated residential plumbing team in Molalla Oregon.

Call us today at 503-462-3082 and tell us about your next project and plumbing needs.

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